dsDNA Quantitation Kit

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The High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kit offers sensitive and selective detection of purified DNA samples. It allows precise quantitation of purified dsDNA samples across a wide range of concentrations. The dsDNA quantitation kit is optimized for use in the FluoroVerse™, using the pre-programmed DNA program. 

Reagent: DNA Quantification Kit


  • The most versatile DNA quantitation kit
  • Extremely wide linear range of 0.03-250 ng DNA
  • Highly specific for dsDNA

Kit Components

  • AccuClear® Dye, 100X
  • DNA Quantitation Buffer, 20X Concentrate
  • dsDNA Standard, 25 ng/uL (in 2000 assay & trial size kits)
  • dsDNA Standards, Set of 7 (in 1000 assay kit only)

DNA Specificity

Unlike absorbance-based nucleic acid quantitation, fluorescent DNA binding dyes are highly sensitive and selective for double-stranded DNA and provide a more accurate DNA concentration in the presence of contaminating RNA and other common contaminants including free nucleotides, protein, detergents and salts.