RNA Quantitation Kit

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The RNA quantitation kit provides exceptional accuracy, sensitivity, and high RNA selectivity.  It is ideal for use in quantifying RNA for sensitive applications such as Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) or reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR). The RNA quantitation kit is optimized for use in the FluoroVerse™, using the pre-programmed RNA program.


  • Linear range (5-1000 ng RNA) 
  • Highly selective for RNA over dsDNA
  • Far-red fluorescence emission

Kit Components

  • RNA Broad Range Dye, 200X
  • RNA Broad Range Buffer
  • RNA Dilution Buffer 
  • RNA Broad Range Standard, 100 ng/uL* 

*Replacement vials of RNA standard (catalog number TBD) can be purchased separately in case the RNA standard in your kit becomes degraded or otherwise compromised.


RNA specificity

Unlike absorbance-based measurements, RNA Broad Range Dye is selective for single-stranded RNA over double-stranded DNA, and can tolerate an equimolar amount of dsDNA in the sample without significant effect on RNA quantitation (purified RNA samples are still recommended). This assay is able to accurately quantify short ssRNA such as miRNA, but shows very low signal with double-stranded RNA.