Introducing the FluoroVerse™

Available September 2024
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The FluoroVerse™ fluorometer is essential for the sensitive quantification of DNA, RNA, and proteins in biological samples. Traditionally, high-concentration samples were required, but FluoroVerse™ can accurately measure these analytes even at trace levels.

Engineered with exceptional specificity and sensitivity, this benchtop fluorometer guarantees accurate data analysis by detecting even the slightest fluorescence signal variations in samples as small as 10 μL.

With its user-friendly design, the FluoroVerse™ ensures fast and effortless operation, making it the ideal choice for quick and reliable quantification of DNA, RNA, or proteins.

Whether you're in an academic research lab or a industry setting, trust FluoroVerse™ for accurate quantitation of all your microorganisms samples.

✓ Simple Interface

User-friendly interface simplifies the concentration determination process.

✓ High Sensitivity

Distinguishes dsDNA from ssDNA or intact RNA from degraded RNA, even in trace amounts or in the presence of contaminants.

Delivers exceptional sensitivity and accuracy, detecting even the most subtle changes in
fluorescence signals, ensuring precise measurements and reliable data analysis. 

✓ Comparable to Qubit

Comparable with Thermo Fisher's Qubit™ 4 for dsDNA, RNA, and protein measurements.

✓ Good Specificity

Good specificity of fluorescent dyes binding to individual target molecules of DNA, RNA, or protein and the FluoroVerse™ detects these fluorescent-bound target molecules.

Easy to Use

Results are available within seconds and can be easily exported to a computer.

✓ Perfect for NGS, PCR, and more!

The FluoroVerse™ offers rapid and precise quantitation of DNA, RNA, and proteins, which is crucial for various downstream applications:

**DNA**: Next-generation sequencing (NGS), PCR, Transformation/Transfection

**RNA**: RT-PCR, Transcription, Northern Blot

**Protein**: Protein purification, Western Blotting, ELISA, and other immunoassays

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