Gel Box Laser Diode Illuminator™ 

Optimized for Both GREEN & RED Dyes
Expected launch Q2, 2021

The E-Gel Box Laser Diode Illuminator™ is a lightweight, non-UV lightbox for detection of fluorescently labeled nucleic acids and proteins. This product possesses novel features enabling imaging performance superior to that of LED illuminators on the market.

  • BOTH Green & Red Fluorescent Dyes excitation are optimized using our innovative light and optical design

  • Clear and easy visualization of dyes

  • Broad dye compatibility

  • Proprietary 520nm laser diode array provides even illumination and excitation through the gels

  • Safety interlock prevents illumination if amber filter and gel tray are not in place

  • Safe alternative to UV transilluminators because of damage to eyes or skin

  • No UV means there is no induced crosslinking or photo-nicking of DNA

  • Adjustable light intensity

  • Signal to Noise ratio improvement and background elimination with optimized amber filter

  • Multi-hinged amber filter provides easy access to gel processes such as band excision

  • Easy photographing of gel results with camera or cell phone

  • Small Size:W x D x H = 8 x 10 x 5 inches (20 x 25 x 12 cm)


Gel Box Illuminator

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